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Fp10 Flight Pack Air Data Engine

Flight Computer air data engine.

Collects GPS and Vario data, adds True Air speed and Barometric altitude.
Supply power and data for a Flight Computer solution on a PNA or Oudie with XCsoar, SeeYou etc.
Features: Benefits:
Small size and compact profile arrowVersatile mounting option
OAT Air temperature Probe arrowAccurate true air speed calculation
Value adds VRM10 Variometer arrowSimple plug in addition
TAS True air speed measurement arrowAccurate glide and wind calculations
Baro QNH/QFE Altitude available arrowSuperior data to GPS altitude
Operational status LED indicator arrowEasy to confirm operational status
PNA/GPS 5V power supply arrowStandard DB9 pin connections to power PNA and GPS
Digital signal processing arrowAccurate, stable and reliable
Easy installation arrowVario to Flight pack cable provided
Flight computer data arrowEquivalent data provided by high cost flight computers
3 year warranty arrowVery reliable
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