updated May 2011

free trial system

Tug charge options.
free trial system
    Flight Logging:
    When flights are entered into the system charges are automatically calculated and recorded for later use in preparing accounts, flying statistics and other reports.
    Financial Transaction Logging:
    When details of financial transactions are entered they are recorded for later use in preparing accounts and other financial reports.
    Maintenance of GCCS Tables:
    These tables hold details of members, gliders, tugs, charging rates, accounts etc. They may easily be viewed or printed and kept up to date.
    GCCS Reports:
    These include: Periodic report for club committee Glider and tug usage statistics Flight log reports for individual members Account details for individual members Account details for other selected items Various administrative and financial reports.
    Easy to Use:
    GCCS is controlled via standard Windows drop down menus and push buttons etc. It incorporates various user 'HELP' facilities.
    The GCCS is designed to run on any IBM compatible personal computer with
    Windows 95/98 or NT, XP.
    Flight Logging:
    The GCCS tables hold details of members, gliders, tugs, winches, charging rates, passenger fees etc. Using this information, flight costs are calculated and recorded as each flight is logged into GCCS. During club flight logging, checks are made that the glider, tug and pilots are known, thereby eliminating errors. Charges are made for the tow time and for the glider time (cents per minute). Once flight details and charges have been recorded, the information is used to deduct flying fees from the members' accounts and to produce various flight related reports.
    Financial Functions:
    Each member, glider and tug has an account within GCCS . Other accounts can be created as required. At any time during the financial year it is easy to provide each member with a consolidated flight and financial report.
    GCCS has tables of the following items:
    Members Name, member code, address, telephone numbers, membership category, membership status, flying level etc.
    Account code, account name and description. Gliders Name, registration, owner (club or syndicate), account code, charging rate.
    As for gliders.
    Special Flying Rates:
    Where club members (who are not the syndicate owners) may fly syndicate gliders, special charging rates are used to ensure that owners are charged zero but others are charged the specified rate. Other special charging schemes for both gliders and tugs are also possible. All such 'special' rates are held in this table.
    Club/Tug Rates:
    Holds charging rates for launches provided to other clubs' gliders. Different clubs may be charged different rates for the same tug.
    Tug charges can be various types ie.Cents/Min Cents/Hundred Feet Cents/Tacho Unit

    Transaction Types:
    Each financial transaction may optionally be specified as being of a certain 'type', eg, 'Rent', 'Maintenance', 'Insurance' etc... Financial statistics can then be reported on the basis of these types which may cover many different accounts.
    Standard Values:
    Include various miscellaneous values:
    Passenger Fee (passenger is charged at this value and the cost of the flight at club rates.
    Maximum chargeable flight time (glider time beyond this limit is free).
    Member code- passengers (used when logging passenger flights).
    Member code- reciprocal members (used in flight logging).
    Interest rate credit- paid to members whose credit balance exceeds a specified amount.
    Interest rate debit- charged to members whose debit balance exceeds a specified amount.
    All types of table entry are easily created, updated, deleted and printed using the Table Maintenance functions.
    GCCS can produce the following reports:
    Monthly flight log.
    Monthly financial transaction log.
    Monthly launch report for non-club gliders.
    Member flight log.
    Member financial transaction log.
    Financial Transactions export (suitable for input to a spreadsheet program).
    Account balance statement by month.
    Cash flow by month.
    Period report (in full or in summary)
    List of accounts in debit and credit.
    Transaction type statistics.
    Glider statistics.
    Tug statistics.
    Member flight statistics.
    Lists of members, gliders, tugs, special rates, accounts, transaction types and standard values. Member telephone number and address list (with several different levels of detail) Address labels for members
    Corrections Data records are easily amended so that corrections can be made to flights or other records after they have been logged. The effects of corrections are automatically carried through to account balances, statistics etc.
    Selection Options:
    When viewing or printing data, there are many different selection facilities, eg. it is possible to select flights by a given member or by a given glider or tug or between specified dates or to select any combination of these.
    Annual Fees:
    It possible to apply a financial transaction to all members, eg. to charge members an annual fee or a subscription to a governing body. This facility takes into account the membership category of each member (these include Flying, Associate, Family, Junior, Probationary, Honorary and Life). Members may also be recognised as paying or not paying subscription fees via your club (allowing for people who are members of more than one club).
    Financial Years:
    At any one time, GCCS deals with the data belonging to a single financial year. However, it is a simple matter to revert to earlier years. Facilities are provided to start a new financial year at which time closing account balances become the new opening balances.
    Data Security:
    Simple facilities are provided to backup a whole year's files to diskette for data security or to move them to another computer.
    The GCCS produces a summary display so that you can see at a glance the status of the current year's data and table files.
    The following examples are attached:
    Fig. 1 GCCS opening screen.
    Fig. 2 Table Maintenance Menu.
    Fig. 3 Flight Log Screen (Left hand Side).
    Fig. 4 Flight Log Screen (Right hand Side).
    Fig. 5 Glider and Tug Statistics.
    Fig. 6 Consolidated Member Report (Account Balances).
    Fig. 7 Consolidated Member Report (Transactions).
    Fig. 8 Consolidated Member Report (Flight Log).
    Fig. 9 Member's Address and Telephone List.
    GCCS is priced by way of a system charge plus a licence fee on a per member basis.
    This means that it should not be beyond the price range of any club. A free Trial system is available so that any club can try out the system before committing itself to buying. The Trial system allows only a small number of members, gliders and tugs, however, almost all other facilities are available.
    Full System price:(in Australian dollars)
    $150 + $3 per member (clubs up to 50 members)
    $200 + $2 per member (clubs above 50 members)
    At any later date more members can be added to an existing system at a cost of $2 or $3 (as above) per additional member (minimum $20).

    Free trial systems - limited to 10 members 2692k zip.
    Tug charging :- Cents/Hundred Feet.
    Tug charging :- Cents/Min.
    Tug charging :- Cents/Tug Tacho Unit.